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Paul David Smith Photography

Improve your photography and master your camera with professional photographer Paul David Smith.

Discover the art of photography through a series of comprehensive courses tailored to all skill levels. Our expert-led classes cover a wide spectrum of techniques, from mastering composition and lighting to advanced post-processing skills.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an enthusiast aiming to refine your craft, our photography courses cater to your individual learning needs. Paul also offers a range of exclusive photography holidays set against the breathtaking backdrop of Newquay’s coastal charm, with hands-on photography sessions, guided tours to picturesque locations, and personalized mentorship. Engage in a memorable learning experience while capturing Cornwall’s iconic landmarks, golden beaches, and dramatic cliffs, honing your skills under Paul’s guidance. Our photography holidays blend education with exploration, providing an unforgettable journey for photography enthusiasts seeking inspiration amidst Cornwall’s scenic wonders.

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